Unexpected Moments

Try not to Control Everything in Your Life

Many times it is the unsuspecting moments that guide us to creativity.   Creativity requires a challenge to start a flow of new ideas, then a way to capture them.

When it comes to creativity, there’s good news and very good news. The good news is that the mysteries of the creative process are finally giving way to a rigorous scientific analysis. The very good news is that, with the right skills, you can boost your own creative output by a factor of 10 or more. Significant creativity is within everyone’s reach–no exceptions. What’s more, greater creativity breeds greater happiness. The creative process is itself a source of joy for most people. And with new creative powers we’re also better able to solve the little problems that beset us daily.

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More is Better

More Training, More Creative

Here’s a deceptively simple fact: for repertoires of behavior to contribute to the generative process, they must first exist. In other words, the more training you have and the more diverse that training is, the greater the potential for creative output. Letting kids float around a classroom from one “activity center” to another is not the way to go; when we’re on our own, we gravitate toward a very narrow range of learning opportunities. The creative process is spurred on by multiple well-established repertoires of behavior. Traditional, structured, aggressive methods of teaching and training have special value in laying a foundation for creativity

A contradiction? Didn’t I say that first-grade teachers were monsters who stifled creativity by doing too much teaching? The problem with traditional education is not that it teaches diverse subjects or subjects that lack apparent utility; the problem is that it doesn’t allocate any time and training for creativity as such. Kids need to learn things that they don’t want to learn–not just to become good citizens, but also to become more creative people.

If you want to enhance your own creativity, take courses in subjects you know nothing about. Once a year, at least, take a course at a local college in the last thing you’d ever want to know about. Land’s own breakthrough invention came about because of training he had in crystallography, chemistry, and other fields. The invention of Velcro, the modern theory of electron spin, and countless other advances were made possible because their creators had training in diverse fields.

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No Fear Failures

Launch a creative based small business and don’t know where to begin

Expand a creative based small business with traditional and online marketing.

Develop an online presence for your creative business with social media, website, blog, and more.

Develop a brand, marketing message, and niche.

Ramp up your current small business to be more profitable, branded, and in recognized by media sources.

What Is Creativity?


The connections in our mind converge and new ideas are generated. But there is a certain mystery and awe in our creative facilities. This intangible process makes our creative process and output somewhat unpredictable and serendipitous.

How do you maximize such an ephemeral and yet essential process? I don’t claim to know all the answers, but there are some easy things anyone can do to help you with all of them.

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Kindness — a dying art

Everything counts. Even in small amounts.

Written by Heidi Cornelissen
Sitting in a coffee shop last week with a friend we watched as an elderly lady shuffled in. She looked disoriented and slowly glanced over the group of people sitting at the tables. We caught her eye and she unsteadily made her way towards us.”Are you OK?” we asked.”I’m looking for St John of God hospital,” she replied.Together we gave her directions and watched as she absorbed them and made her way back to her car. We continued to watch her unsure of what to do to help her further.But my friend, struggling to watch her any longer, jumped up and went to her aid. She leaned in the passenger window and engaged in a lengthy discussion with the lady. After what felt like an eternity, she returned to our table with the words, “She says she’ll be OK. She’s 90 years old and is on her way to visit her 92 year old friend in hospital.”Naturally our response was, “Should she still be driving? She looks so frail.”
“I offered to drive her,” my friend replied, “but she was adamant she’s okay,” and then came the clincher, which shocked me, “She even offered to pay me for my kindness.”

“What? You’re kidding me?! She offered you money for being kind to her? Isn’t kindness free? Or what have I missed?”‘Loving Kindness’ is a term that is often used in spiritual and religious circles. It refers to acts of kindness, motivated by love and is used primarily to describe God, rather than people. Perhaps this is how this frail lady experienced her 90 years, hence feeling the need to reimburse for a simple, yet kind act?

Is kindness really such a rarity? A dying art? My personal philosophy is that the big picture of life is all about love and compassion. In practical terms this translates into the behavior of kindness. Both to yourself and to others. But I don’t mean kindness to be just doing ‘good’ things and saying ‘nice’ things. I consider that mindset to be rule-based and obligatory which limits you instead of freeing your authentic self. Let your kindness come from a deep sense of your compassionate and accepting self.

Neale Donald Walsch provides some insights in his book, ‘Happier Than God’.

  • Stay in touch with who you are
  • See the perfection in everything and everyone
  • Bypass the drama
  • Understand sadness
  • Stop arguing with life
  • Drop all expectations
  • Have compassion for yourself
  • Speak your truth as soon as you know it
  • Smile

Where in your life are you currently experiencing any form of loving-kindness:

  • By giving it to others
  • By allowing others to give to you
  • By giving it to yourself

All three of these above mentioned ways are important. We sometimes only think of ways to give to others. The other two ways are equally significant. Think of real examples, both planned and spontaneous. If you can’t, what changes can you make?

Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind.” Eric Hoffer

Never Say Never

Written by Heidi Cornelissen
I once heard this comment passed between friends, “Just wait till you have kids of your own and you’ll be moaning about your husband like the rest of us.”

Although the comment was said in jest, I was still a little surprised at it and wondered when we’d gotten so passive about our lives.

  • Surely just because some change occurs in your life, it doesn’t automatically mean you’re forced to settle for less elsewhere?
  • Surely life hasn’t become so linear that we can predict that because of one action, another one will occur?
  • Are all our lives the same?
  • Where does personal choice fit into all of this?

As we already know, everyone can only speak from their perspective and because something is true for you, doesn’t mean it’s true for me. My experience may be different especially if I exercise different choices. Different choices often come from different thoughts. I can appreciate your experience, learn what I need to from it but most importantly trust and empower myself with creating my own reality.

The creation process starts with you. You have the choice to change – even if it’s just your thinking. And the power of changed thoughts can never be underestimated. The change in choice could be “Why would I moan about my husband instead of creating a different situation? Moaning about him won’t actually change anything, despite possibly feeling better in the short-term. Perhaps I’ll talk to him explaining how I feel.”

The same thing also applies to other aspects of your life. If you’re moaning about something, why not do something to change it? And once again, this may even be just your thinking or perception about it.

Once you’ve changed this, see what (if any) necessary action steps could accompany the new thought as well. This avoids the ongoing circle of discontentment that keeps people stuck.

  • How many people do you know that moan about single but don’t try internet dating, for example?
  • How many people moan about not having money but find reasons not to change jobs or even get a job?
  • How many people are overweight but prefer television to exercise?

Life is about choice and this includes love.

I’ve had clients excitedly state that a clairvoyant has told them they’d meet someone special soon. This gives them hope and they’re naturally happy with that.
“What are you doing about creating this man you’re going to meet?” I ask encouragingly.
“Uh. Nothing. But I know he’s going to show up.”
“What if he shows up at some or other social event, but you’re not there?”
“Oh,” a despondent voice responds.
“It may just be that you need to join some social or sporting clubs to get out there. Your soul mate may not actually coming knocking on your door,” I explain feeling like a hope-slayer.

I see the same with money desires. You need to be actively involved in the money creation process, in one form or another. And these days we’re lucky enough to be spoilt for choice with a variety of opportunities. It may just mean that you need to decide and try something. The network marketing industry is a great example of this. Those who are successful in this form of business are some of the hardest workers I’ve seen. They’re engaged with the process heart and soul. The irony is that in order to create a passive-income you start off as being anything but passive.

Exercising choice includes the option to change your mind. It doesn’t always serve you to make your decisions upfront either about how someone or something is going to turn out. Don’t bargain on getting upset with your partner before it actually happens. It’s also pointless to decide exactly and specifically what you want from a perfect partner. Don’t decide what type of job you wouldn’t be caught dead doing – ever. You don’t know what you don’t know. Decide instead to engage with your life. Live with passion and give things a go.

Never say never. Never say always. These are both lifetime commitments to limited thinking. Instead choose open-mindedness.
Give yourself a choice. Give others a choice and most importantly, give your life a chance.

Beauty vs Beach vs Backyard

Sand in your toes or Songs in your ears . . .

I choose the backyard and the beauty that is right here.   The garden is at its peak, the early evening light and air – perfect.   I mostly hear the birds chirping and get to watch them take turns in the bird bath. The distant sounds are of barking dogs whose owners have gone off for the day leaving their “best friend” unattended.   My best buddy waits for me patiently right inside the sectioned glass door.  He peers out longingly to be next to me – or, just out “catting about.”   My backyard, no matter where it is, will always be my favorite place.

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