Late Night Lamp Light

By now the keyboard is feeling damp and dewy as I type. The soft snugly blanket around my shoulders is cozy. I write, read, and listen to my online studies. Carmel has positioned himself in the center pane at the bottom of the porch door to watch my every move. Or perhaps tonight he is more enthralled with the moths that have flown in from the yard to land on the lamp to my left. It’s a great night for blogging.

This evening, I “tried my feet” at a slow steady walk around the nearby blocks. Starting at 8pm eliminated the heat, bright light and excess morning or afternoon street traffic. What brought on this sudden non-mental movement? Well, my mom mentioned that she walked around the block last week while I was vising friends.  Considering my recent displacement from everything that defined my life for the last 20 years, how could I miss an opportunity to explore yet another new “avenue” in my abruptly redesigned life. Going for a walk seemed like a reasonable idea for something to do.

It felt odd walking around the town that I hadn’t been part of for 30 years. The houses were essentially the same. My school seemed vaguely familiar. All buildings for each level of my education were only 3 blocks away. My memory fails me for how I got to and from school everyday during the early years. Did I walk each day? Did my father take me in the mornings? I remember how I went every day with him in high school before/after school, but Elem/JR high — that’s a blur. Maybe my memories will return someday.

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