What’s the Connection

People say they connect using social networks. There are wireless connections. With the constant connection we have with our cars and computers, why can’t we get together in person — travel to spend actual time with the people we claim are our friends? Our connections have become wireless, meaningless, superficial. We think we’re connecting because we sent a text message or email or posted a picture online. Is that a real connection? Or is that a facade to fill the void from negligence to meet and actually speak to each other.

I’ve been spending a lot of time visiting the local parks in my “witness protection” location. There’s no one in any of the parks most of the time. A young man shoots hoops alone. A lady runs along the street. A man walks his dog. Two women push a baby in a stroller. It’s oddly quiet for a public park in an area with a significant population.

The front porches are empty as are the backyards. Where is everybody? Can they all occupy the sandy shores of the east coast all summer? Are they all shopping in the techno malls to purchase more devices to divide them with more wireless connections?

I long for the renewed chance to provide a place where people will choose to meet, to engage in conversation with the person next to them — leaving the wireless world behind in order to explore the wonders of the mind and spirit of human kind.

I wonder.

I wish.

I wait.

Will you be there to connect with me?


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