My Mini and Me

When I shift into gear in my car, it is a pleasure all its own. I thoughouly enjoy driving a manual transmission vehicle. I find I’m fully “engaged” when I have the need to use my left foot, right foot, left hand, right hand (sounds a bit like Twister) Driving manual transmission activates the entire brain – right/left hemisphere. Perhaps driving manual transmission is similar to playing a woodwind instrument.

With oboe, I need to use both hands, tongue, lips, air, eyes, ears as well as both hemispheres of my brain. Sometimes I get to tap my feet and sing, too.

I’m sure that’s another reason I didn’t find playing violin interesting enough when I was 8 years old (besides the shrill of the bow across the strings). The violin just didn’t provide enough opportunity for a full body experience. Ok, I may have gained more respect and gigs much sooner (the world caters to strings). I would have sustained more income through tough economic times, but what’s the point if I couldn’t reach the heart enough and soul of others as I have with my oboe playing. At age 9, I chose to play the dynamic, all-inclusive double reed instrument — the OBOE.

My jokes — it’s a 4 letter word! So is “reed” and “solo” — both are crucial to the formulation of sound and the importance of the player. Why be one of many in a big section of musicians? As an oboist I’m almost always a soloist. That doesn’t mean I can’t play well with others. I enjoy the comoradery of chamber musicians, but I sure enjoy the challenge of showing up alone for a gig with an entire chorus — and ME, the oboist.

I enjoy hearing and sensing the shifting of gears with my “new” Mini. It’s Me. I’m somewhat of a loaner — not alone — but not common like a miniVAN, SUV, Ford F10, Honda Accord, Chevy Camaro.

So I’ve added another family member to the “four”some words: Mini.

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