Comfort Chimes

My chimes were just one of the multitude of items that were removed from my long-term residence when packing for evacuation last year.  And they have proved to be one of the most comforting things I’ve been able to implement for healing my head and heart.    Filing for a “divorce” is a standard solution for ending an abusive marriage, but an unforseen end to a long-term relationship turned into destruction of everything I built and worked for well over 20 years.

I had chosen these particular chimes for their  finely tuned and clear ringing tones. I researched for hours to get just the right quality of sounds.  Purchased for a backyard of my awesome art studio/coffeehouse, they have now been relocated to the indoors in my new space. It was a spontaneous idea that sprung out of the need for my mind and spirit to heal while trying to work my way out of the senselessness of being forced out of my home/work through financial, mental abuse and calculated fear tactics.

I suggest the use of the low-tone wind chimes for anyone who needs to find comfort from grief and loss.    How do I activate the chimes inside?   A suitably situated air filter with fan makes just enough air to gently move the weight and activated the clapper inside.  The air filter works on the wellness of my asthmatic lungs – so it’s a win wind situation.

Feng Shui Use of Chimes in Your Home or Garden

When wicked words would whirl around in my head from the previous two years of household horror, my chimes console me to calm and contentment.  In addition to adopting my comfort cat, Carmel, my melodious chimes have worked their way through my ears to provide  PURRfect comfort for my well-being.

My next posts will explore way to create soothing surroundings in your home or place of work.     Stay tuned.   Posts will be intermittant since I am studying and rebuilding my online income producing website eCygnet.  What do you think about me adding windchimes to my sales site?  Or do you have another suggestion of useful products for me to sell.   Let me know, if you would, please.    Thanks to my flock of friends!

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