Plants and Peace

The benefits of tending house plants is multi-level.  I have always enjoyed indoor plants.  I’ve tried many times to keep them as part of my environment — but there are a few challenges for me.

I’d purchase a beautiful basket filled with succulent plants and within 3 months, they’d expire.
The trouble I had with plants is very basic — water.  I’d forget to water them!

The second trouble I’ve had with plants — is my Talented Tabby, Leo would chose to sleep right in the middle of the potted plant.   My plants couldn’t survive his body or his teeth chewing on their leaves.

Then there’s the third, largest issue — NO place to call home to house a plant inside.  I did purchase several of my favorite plants this summer just to put on the back porch.    Thank goodness Carmel (my cat) doesn’t like eating or sleeping in plants, because their is hope for me getting greenery someday to house in my new residence.

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