Text or Talk

So what is the point of going out to eat with someone if you spend the majority of time texting someone else?   That’s my question for tonight.

A young couple sat down in the diner where I was eating my meal. The ordered soda, looked through the menu, ordered — then proceded to start texting.  Who?  Why?   The guy was lounging in the booth with his smaller version flip phone — the gal was proped up by her elbows on the tables edge texting with here keypad cell phone.   They barely spoke to each other.   They didn’t appear to be a first date  — doubt either would have tolerated that early on.    What could be so important that they BOTH had to text someone else at that time instead of talking to each other?

Couldn’t they have done the texting before going out?   After going out?    Here is a link to ways to deal with a meal and talk at the table instead of text.    Or if you prefer cartoons:


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