Heal Your Head

How to Heal your Mind

by Phyllis Capanna

Created on: March 20, 2008

First, accept that mind is not reality. Mind is not you. Mind is…mind.

Thoughts are to mind as clouds are to sky. Don’t get caught believing in your thoughts any more than you would believe in a cloud. They both pass. Notice, appreciate, admire even, but don’t believe them!

Heal your mind by ignoring it and attending to the moment. What is right in front of you? Pay full attention to it. Minute attention. Exquisite and rapt attention. Attend with the same sense of preciousness as you would if it were the last thing on earth you will ever be aware of.

// Heal your mind by feeding it well. Instead of listening and obeying, rise above and find high quality food for your mind. Read ideas that elevate and stretch your sense of what is possible. Discard consensus ideas! Consensus is based upon the lowest common denominator, what everyone can agree is possible. These ideas are useful for navigating in the world, but don’t believe them, either.

Learn a new skill. Follow your curiosity.

Listen to music. Better, make music.

Inhabit your body. This is a very effective way to heal the mind. Inhabit your hands, your belly, your legs . Pay attention to that amazing organism, the divine animal that you are. Stretch and feed the body. If you can’t do that, appreciate it for the miracle that it is. Think of whoever or whatever designed cells and mitochondria, cilia, corpuscles! Wow!

Heal your mind by talking lovingly out loud to yourself. Cherish yourself. Fall in love with yourself. If you can’t feel it, pretend. Just say the words.

Heal your mind by connecting with people you love. Strike up new friendships, especially with people you admire. Treat everyone as if they were God.

The mind is suggestible, malleable, and highly receptive. Keep it clean, like a mirror, then make sure to surround yourself with things that will make a reflection you enjoy dwelling upon.

It takes practice to begin to see the mind as something to rise above, to be able to see around behind it, and to place your awareness in the higher self that is pure, wise, calm, and joyful.

That practice, for many, is some form of meditation. For others, the meditation is in doing something well and completely. Others prefer the word contemplation. But whatever you do, don’t contemplate the contents of the mind. Instead, turn your awareness to the higher planes, the source of life, the mystery, the incomprehensible.

It is here that peace and healing exist.

It is here that you can begin to realize that you are already healed, already whole.

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