Be Benevolent

Much seems true in commentary of “millenials.”  However, blaming government official and big corporations is another way for individuals to avoid responsibilty for their choices and actions. If individuals are not content with their life, job — start looking for your own ways of improvement. It may not be all about happiness, perhaps contentment will do.

Leadership all over the world has caved in to the pressures of whiners AND bullies. It is getting difficult to distinguish the difference when social standards of behavior have been nearly watered down and evaporated.

Having a difference of opinion or trying to outdo another person in absurdity is becoming the norm. Great acts of kindness, respectful behaviors, and benevolent business practices are not often caught on video to go viral.

Doing what IS right is an intrinsic concept — not necessarily an extrinsic Facebook or Hollywood production.

Life may be a stage, but if we could keep Hollywood out of our homes, LIFE would be more worth living — as a regular person going about daily activities with personal pride.

Perhaps we can ponder what we do when no one is looking and/or counting — that is TRULY honorable.

Even the word “hero” has been watered down to promote anyone who has done something well.

Do something well. Do something kind. Be benevolent. Perhaps nobody’s watching.

P.S. No selfie attached 🙂