100 Incredible Web Tools to Indulge Your Creativity

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Graphic designers, web designers, painters, animators, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and other artists do not create and design in a vacuum. They need inspiration and outlets for their fervent desires to find the best possible channels for self-expression. Even the internet, which does not necessarily always conjure up thoughts of cutting-edge art and artistic tools, actually provides a vast number of excellent tools and resources for creative types to discover new and exciting ways to assert themselves – in some cases even receive helpful advice to help them grow and learn how to best harness their energy and explore their potential.

1. Color Palette Generator : Upload an interesting image and receive in return a comprehensive inventory of all the colors involved.

2. Picasa : Google provides free image editing software for anyone hoping to clean up and edit their digital photos.

3. Flickr : Flickr not only offers up generous storage space for pictures and video, but a few different ways to edit them as well.

4. Pixton : Create a number of cool comic strips with this interesting website that helps users create characters and scenes.

5. Aviary Suite : 7 different amazing tools comprise the Aviary Suite, most of which involve some degree of specialized image manipulation – though one focuses on audio and video.

6. deviantART : Upload, sell, make prints, and receive (hopefully) valuable advice from one of the internet’s largest artist communities.

7. Flash PAINT
 : This full painting application allows participants to create and save their own drawings and sketches – even share them with other users!

8. artPad : Another fun online drawing and painting program, artPad even provides a number of frames for users to showcase their work in their online gallery.

9. Digital Painter : Aspiring or DIY interior designers – or anyone who simply enjoys decorating a room – will have a nice time looking through color and pattern schemes for the home.

10. Splash Paint : Unfortunately, anyone hoping to preserve their Splash Paint creations will have to screenshot them due to the tool’s lack of a save function. However, it still makes for a fun way to nurture creativity and an eye for color.

11.Design a Room : For those inclined towards interior decorating, Armstrong’s Design a Room tool provides a wide variety of elements for users to create their dream spaces.

12. 2Simple Suite : 2Simple hosts a number of creative tools aimed mostly towards kids, involving painting, publishing, animation, and more.

13. FineArtStudioOnline : Artists hoping to build up their web presence receive a 30 day free trial of FineArtStudioOnline’s personalized marketing services.

14. Proportional Scale Calculator : Proportion is one of the main elements of design that artists need to keep in mind, and this valuable tool helps them figure out how objects relate to one another.

15. Creative Commons License Generator : Any creative types hoping to place their work under the creative commons license can work out the wording that expresses their wishes for the piece or pieces in question.

16. Fretboardprinter : Guitarists and bassists wanting to keep track of chords and scales will have plenty to appreciate about this valuable tool aimed at both teachers and students.

17. Sweater Pattern Generator : Knitters looking to whip up a quick sweater can fill out their sizes and preferences and receive a free custom pattern with a quick click of the mouse.

18. QueekyPaint : Create animated drawings and share them for critique and entertainment in the Queeky community.

19. Sloper Design Form : Use the Sloper Design Form as a means of creating 3D images suitable for knitting, sewing, and crochet patterns.

20. Big Ears : This nifty Java applet is considered “the world’s first ear training software” and helps any interested parties learn how to recognize all the elements of music.

21. HTML Characters Codes : Web designers will appreciate this reference, which lists name and number codes for special characters.

22. Dabbleboard : Perfect for businesses, this online whiteboard offers a collaborative method of making sketches for work and play alike

23. AllMyMagic : Create a number of different artistic projects with this neat tool, which allows users to write up their own cards and MySpace layouts.

24. Explore Scales : eMusicTheory.com boasts some excellent, valuable resources for musicians, and this tool helps them memorize and learn one of the fundamentals of creating beautiful sound.

25. Scriblink : Another excellent whiteboard tool, this one also allows for graph paper and mathematical functions as well.

26. Pixenate : Edit favorite photos or pieces of digital art for use on a shirt, tote bag, mug, or mouse pad.

27. Gizmoz : Make unique avatars and pictures from digital or scanned photographs for use on social media sites and smart phones.

28. Elizabethan Smock Pattern Generator : Period costume fanatics or anyone needing to stage a play on a budget may want to check out this generator, which fires off a custom smock in the Elizabethan style.

29. BRUSHster : The National Gallery of Art presents a neat drawing and painting tool aimed mostly at kids, but fun for anyone.

30. open-eye Banner Generator : Web developers and graphic designers can whip up quick banners in minutes for ads and other projects.

31. Tile Machine : Make fitting tiles for wallpapers and backgrounds with this simple, 16-color pixel tool.

32. SceneCaster : Future filmmakers or those wanting to get a vague idea of scene layouts for comics, animation, and statecraft will have a blast with SceneCaster’s animation tools.

33. Essential Music Notation
 : Musicians and music theorists alike have a quick, simple resource to look at for creating and understanding notation – there is even a fun little quiz at the end.

34. iSketch : Play an online game similar to Pictionary with people from all over the world, though there is a way to create without having to interact with strangers.

35. ColorPicker : Anyone needing to create a working, harmonious color scheme can fire up the code quickly with this useful tool.

36. 3DMLW : Web designers and animators may want to check out 3DMLW, which figures out ways to display 2D and 3D graphics in most browser windows.

37. Explore Chords : One of eMusicTheory.com’s numerous musical tools, this one offers up a thorough education on the fundamental chords.

38. Snipshot : Edit RAW picture files with special effects and face detection tools before saving them as a number of other types for a $5 two-week pass.

39. Blender : A free piece of open source 3D and traditional animation software, Blender is absolutely perfect for anyone hoping to create compelling, fun, and engaging videos.

40. GIMP : GIMP edits pictures for GNU and boasts an almost fully customizable interface and a number of excellent features to bring out the best in a work of art.

41. Mitten and Glove Generators : Those handy with needles and yarn and hoping to find a way to warm their loved ones in chilly months have a great tool to create customizable gloves and mittens with a better chance of fitting.

42. Anfy (Java) : Anfy’s Java suite contains a total of 52 applets for users to customize and personalize based on their needs.

43. 3d package : Packaging designers can render their wares in three dimensions before applying them to actual bags, cardboard, and other forms.

44. pixlr : This incredible online tool acts as a means of creating amazing drawing, painting, and photo manipulation all in one package.

45. ecoder : Coders have an easy, color-coded interface to work with alongside the ability to open multiple documents at once.

46. Plan-a-Garden : Landscapers, gardeners, and homeowners alike can design and plan their ideal natural space full of vegetables, flowers, trees, or shrubs.

47. Explore Intervals : Explore how notes on a scale interact with one another to form melodies with another one of eMusicTheory.com’s valuable tools for musicians.

48. Favicon : Draw and generate icons for use as avatars, on desktops, in web design, and much more.

49. Crayola Digi-Color : The Crayola Digi-Color tool is great not only for kids, but anyone who wants to paint and draw online with simulations of a number of different brushes, crayons, and markers.

50. colr.org : Color is an essential component of any type of art, and this great website helps visitors pick out schemes based on images and preferred shades.

51. Knitter’s Graph Paper Generator : Knitters desiring to make up their own patterns – especially involving the intarsia or Fair Isle methods – have access to free, customizable graph paper to help them with their design work.

52. gifninja.com
 : Piece together pre-existing images to form fun and/or functional animated .gifs for websites, avatars, and other projects.

53. LiteBrite : Play the classic children’s game Lite Brite online using traditional designs or creating entirely new ones.

54. WebSketch : WebSketch works similar to Microsoft Paint, but with a couple of different options.

55. Block Posters : This free source allows users to create custom posters of any size from any picture they want.

56. Origami Diagrams : Pop open a pack of colorful folding paper and follow along with these neat origami patterns for animals, plants, games, and other delights.

57. TXT2PIC : Upload any image and add quick text to it using a number of different styles – perfect for ad and billboard parodies.

58. Hat Pattern Generators : Anyone wanting to knit a hat for a loved one can customize a pattern that fits the recipient’s size and aesthetics.

59. Ear Trainer : Another ear-training site, this one even includes ways for users to learn how to recognize and create jazz chords.

60. Absolute Background Textures Archive : Download the best of the 5,740 textures for use as backgrounds or in digital graphic or animation projects.

61. Faces and Places : Learn about the American naïve painting movement with this enlightening game that lets users create their own landscapes or portraits in the style.

62. Mai’Nada : Using this free service, aspiring comic book writers and artists can show off their talents and watch their work as it comes to life.

63. Animation Station
 : Create detailed or simple animations with this easy-to-use tool aimed towards kids interested in moving art.

64. The Artist’s Toolkit : Explore everything an artist will ever need to know about creating compelling works and even piece together a personal toolkit with favorite elements of design.

65. Collage Machine : Another offering by the National Gallery of Art – which actually features a number of great activities for kids and adults alike – this one teaches the principles of collage work by letting them create their own. There is also a Collage Machine II as well.

66. ajaxSketch : This web-based drawing tool allows users to edit graphics and draw up their own quick, professional charts and graphs.

67. Slipper and Sock Generators : Input all the information needed to fire a pair of customized socks right off the knitting needles and onto the feet of an appreciative recipient.

68. Get-Tuned.com : Tune a number of different stringed instruments using these online tools and learn about interesting ways to incorporate unorthodox methods into a song.

69. EasyRGB : Acting as a sort of search engine for colors, EasyRGB offers up one of the most comprehensive resources for anyone wanting to find their perfect complements.

70. Purse Pattern Generators : Knit up some great, unique, and personalized purses for home use or as excellent handmade gifts.

71. Picnik : This fun, creative image editing software takes all the tedium out of manipulating photos and offers up a great selection of fonts and special effects.

72. BeFunky.com : Transform digital photos into stunning works of art using BeFunky’s series of artistic filters and applications.

73. Photo Op : Explore all the elements of photography – including composition, speed, aperture, and focus – with this neat little game.

74. The Rasterbator : Rasterize favorite images for use as posters and other decorations – the tool will also specify how much paper will be needed as well.

75. Hohli : Holhi allows users to create fast, creative, and eye-catching charts and graphs for use in presentations and assignments and on websites.

76. Regular Polyhedrons : Regular Polyhedrons is an incredibly simplistic tool, but provides animators and others who work in 3D with a quick visual on how basic forms look and move through space.

77. Design Your Dorm ; In spite of the title, anyone can use Design Your Dorm to get ideas and inspiration for appealing interior design with serious space constraints.

78. Splashup : Manipulate images at the pixel level with this incredibly detailed, layered creation tool.

79. Gliffy : Anyone needing to fire off charts and graphs for a rushed project can look towards Gliffy for guidance and inspiration.

80. Headband Pattern Generator : Headbands make for great, personalized starter projects for the novice knitter as well as handy, homemade gifts.

81. Photoshop.com : Adobe offers up an almost full version of its iconic image editing software for free online, provided it is not used for commercial purposes.

82. Your Fonts : Your Fonts allows users to create their own free font straight from their handwriting, though others do require payment.

83.Anfy Flash : This tool creates working Flash applets without ever asking participants to know anything about Macromedia.

84. ColorBlender.com : Discover all the ways that colors operate and interact with one another by creating compelling schemes for projects.

85. Sumo Paint : Considered one of the best painting programs online, Sumo Paint also offers up a community to help artists inspire and critique one another.

86. Intarsia Chart Design : Intarsia can be a real pain for those new to working with it or designing their own patterns, but this chart helps knitters keep track of where to bring in what color and for how many stitches.

87. Vector Magic : Graphic designers and other creative types will have a great time converting bitmaps and other images into editable pieces of crisp vector art.

88. Customize.org : Download skins and themes to add some artistic, personalized, and creative flair to a desktop – or contribute new ones!

89. Fresh Badge Generator : Create and edit customizable badges for use on websites and other online presences as buttons or indicators.

90. Drawspace : Anyone hoping to learn how to draw absolutely must peruse Drawspace’s generous collection of tutorials, tips, and tricks.

91. I am uniQue : Upload portraits and browse every element of them to add something new or interesting – it is even possible to edit those of friends and family as well.

92. Phixr : Phixr is another online image editing tool with a number of interesting toolboxes and themes to choose from.

93. imageeditor.net : imageditor.net not only lets users play around with their own photos and pictures, but they are able to edit those that come from Flash as well.

94. Poncho and Capelet Pattern Generators : Learn how to whip up a multitude of interesting capelets and ponchos suitable for a number of different styles and sizes with this custom pattern generator.

95. Tone Settings
 : Browse a long list of different amp settings to find new musical inspiration and techniques to experiment with.

96.Arrange-a-Room : Flex the interior design portion of the brain with the Arrange-a-Room tool, which provides a space for users to decorate as they desire.

97. Draw Anywhere : Mark up creative, professional diagrams and charts anywhere and everywhere with access to the internet.

98. SketchUp : One of Google’s neatest programs, SketchUp incorporates their map function as well and lets users design cool buildings and structures for placement in real locations around the world.

99. Guitar Codex : Write music online with this helpful, useful application that provides a comprehensive codex of guitar tuning and fingering.

100. Imagination Cubed : GE breaks into the online drawing scene with this extremely interesting website, which helps users create works of art either alone or with a partner.

No matter if an individual’s chosen creative input is visual or musical in nature, there is a resource or tool available online to help him or her learn how to grow and exercise the technical and emotional skills necessary for success. Experiment with what is available with an open mind in order to gain new perspectives and ideas on art and music’s limitless potential.


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