Boobies or Bullies

pink and purple – they represent more than a color this month of October. One color is a “popular” choice for fundraisers — the other is not 😦


October is a month of crisp cool air for those of us living in the Northeast.  Although autumn involved two of the worst events in my life, the fall remains my favorite season.

BreastCancer      Breast Cancer   Breast Cancer

October is the month designated for observing and screening for cancer.  The color PINK is everywhere you look — ribbons, shirts, pins — hair and food. Boobies are easier to think about and discuss. We get images of nurturing a life of an infant to a sensual adult pleasure.  What’s not to like about boobs/breasts?  Fundraisers for awareness, screening and survivors receive wholehearted support — emotionally and financially.

The reports of school violence astound us.  Random shootings for revenge trouble us.  We have become aware of ministers, priests, teachers, coaches, counselors who have crossed the line of comfort to criminal.  It takes years for most abuse victims to step forward from the shadow of silence and confront the creeps.

October is…

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Boobs or Brains

It’s Cancer Awareness Month and that’s the title (above) that pops in my head!.   Feel your Boobies is a clever way to get the point across about breast cancer.    There are countless campaigns to protect and preserve our body parts.

Will BRAINS ever be given the same “fondled” regard in the media as Breasts receive?

An earlier post on this blog  made note that Domestic Violence Awareness Month is also observed in October.  Have you read in the news,  heard on the radio, watched on TV or surfed the Internet to learn about the effects of Domestic Violence?   Probably not.    Maybe because the health hazard starts with the brain, is purposely perpetrated by a person, may be more difficult to detect — or — it is more unnerving to discuss.  The purple ribbon is the symbol for DV Awareness with the first known use in 1991.  A significant horrific event in Canada lead the Eastern Hemisphere in moving forward with campaigns and public education.

The symbol for Cancer Awareness started off with a pink ribbon – then transformed into a multitude of logos, campaigns, events.

Learn about or participate in a Think Pink event in your area.

Wear a button, a ribbon, a T-shirt, paint a pink picture, have a pink drink, etc.

And — This photo is the most unusual presentation I’ve seen!