Tower of Sweetness

Imitation and Flattery — They really don’t go together. After all, a creative person doesn’t need to imitate as they can develop ideas in a second of inspiration through the spark of conversation or a flash of thought.

There is a great need for more creative souls in the world – those people who use their creativity and abilities to develop ideas, products, skills, behaviors to further the advancement of our human race.

The expression “life is short” is spoken too flippantly to give the impact it deserves.   The other day, I read of a WWII gentleman who just celebrated his 110th birthday.  Can you imagine what it would be like to live 110 years and look back at your life?   Of what would you be most proud?  Did you  impact or inspire anyone?  Did you speak more kind words than harsh?  Did you have a gracious attitude even in duress?

During adversity, we find it most difficult to voice our gratitude. Yet today and tonight I had no trouble being thankful.  I was greeted with enthusiasm as my local Post Office.  The service at Sears was superb.  I was helped at the cellular phone company with efficiency.   The service I received and the calzone I consumed were great.   The assistance at the pet store was outstanding.   The employees at the office supply store were extremely helpful.

Then to top the day off — I was provided ease in prompt ordering at the coffee shop.   The pièce de résistance was the iced mocha latte:  served with a smile and a delightful tower of whipped cream.   My “barista” Nate, was inspired to decorate the drink with a special care and a touch of creativity.   I sure appreciated the effort.

DDmocha DDMocha2