Spinster or Spouse

It is preferable to be a single spinster than surviving the wrath of a louse-a-spouse.  Thanks to a former customer for sharing this artist’s link on Facebook. The artist represents a great photo perspective on the social pressure women experience to conform to society and the expectation to marry and have a family.   Being a single female is a better option for me than what I experienced in a 22-year covertly coerced cover-up commitment.  I’d still have the career that I began as a 21 year old single female.  a MANikin can’t embezzle from a successful career woman’s business.   There may be a need for a female version also.

2013 At Home - SLEEPING IN - 650px-wmk

no chance for assault . . .

The current legal counsel doesn’t like my use of sarcasm in describing the bizarre events leading up to my abrupt exit from my long-standing career.  I comment that sarcasm is simply Truth with a Twist.

More about sarcasm in another post . . .

Twits and Tweets

Getting around on social media can be a challenge when there is a new set of terminology to continually learn.  Let’s FACEbook it, there’s barely a TWEET out there that doesn’t lead you to another place in cyberspace.  You’ll be lost for hours in the endless search for information that bombards us each day.   It comes at us fast. Better be ready to catch it in a mental net and hope it stays still so you can absorb the new processes, gadgets, techno jargon before it flits away.

Are there still people who watch TV daily?  I haven’t seen a TV show for months — don’t miss it.   An occasional movie is fine.   I won’t even get bored in the ever spinning world of knowledge.  Tweets are short and sweet — a treat in a day cluttered with interruptions of lengthy discourse.  That must be why texting is great way to communicate.  Get to the point in a few words — then move on.  If you can’t say what you need to say in a couple sentences, then you probably are over analyzing the situation.

Better yet, we could call someone for information thus spend less time on the computer reading about their life.    Just call and ask if you want to know something or need to know their “status”.

Time to log off and go talk to humans again.