Bookless Library, Artless Gallery, mp3 Opera House


Are we headed to pageless books, bookless libraries, computer classrooms, digital galleries, big screen dance stages, mp3 auditoriums? How do you think the future of the performing, visual artists and writers will change in the future?

Coffee and Curiosity

There is ALLOT to miss about my exceptional coffeehouse! (my blog followers know of CC’s premeditated destruction) I’m here in a place that I discovered when traveling north to a small city 45 minutes away. I’m drawn to the culture it appears to promote though I question the need for young people to pierce so many parts of their bodies thinking they are “being unique”.

The establishment ( has all the typical features that I’d expect from a coffee bar in a city — certainly better than any sterile franchise where predictability is promoted. The cafe table wiggles, the music is too loud, it’s a tad rustic — but who cares — people are here socializing, listening to live music (vocal, guitar, drums) and drinking a beverage that will not likely alter their mind adversely as they get in their vehicles to travel home afterward.

I’m curious about the young lad who is preparing cups of coffee one at a time with filters. He has been going non-stop since I arrived. It’s 8:00 and the room cleared out while the musicians (Maitland) are on break… No problem though, the musicians playing on the street are powerful enough to be heard inside here as well as around the streets!

Hey, the musicians are back — time for a break in writing. They seem to be holding their own with a variety of selections.

Time to head to the street for more discovery.