Early Morning People

We left at 3:30 am to get to our destination. No hassles, no traffic, no honking horns, no stress. We arrived at 5:00 am to the desired location and were surprised that no one was out and about. Then it occurred to us that “other people” were just getting up to start their day. It was nearly time for us to retire for the day, but we both decided it would be best to remain awake to get necessary things accomplished — thus we stayed up “early morning” to do just that.

It seems a large percentage of people assume that getting up in the morning is the optimum time to be productive. Not me — not even my age 83 mother. We both, function best at night — too often having to explain our not-common time orientation.

In the car on the way to our destination, my mother looked over at me as I drove on the empty 4-lane highway and announced “You know, Marti, we really ARE early morning people!”
I burst into laughter, nearly swerving off into the vacant berm and hoping I had used the restroom before leaving our house to avoid any unfortunate leaks from laughter.

Early Morning. 24 hours is divided 12 / 12 — so which part of the twelve or 24 hours is “morning” is entirely up to the individual. Unless you are a farmer or work in a “real job” that insists on 9 am – 5 pm — the new world with electricity allows the variation in scheduling. AND — the internet doesn’t sleep — unless the electric goes out — somewhere.

That’s the way it will stay — morning starts appropriately about noon — and ends after 3:00 am. I will get my 6 – 8 hours of sleep after the hours when I’m most productive — 7pm – 3am.

How fortunate to have a mother who enjoys the night and staying up to see the moon.  Yes we’re “early morning” people — not like most, but in the wee small hours of the morning.  (Oh those are lyrics to an old song!).