Birthdays, Babies

My sister’s birthday was this week, so it I planned to go across the my state of PA to visit her. My mom made a pumpkin pie for her traditional “birthday pie” — a good choice for the fall season.


I placed my cat in his travel carrier and off we went. My mom and I stopped for lunch. I listened to my Spanish learning cds. We observed the autumn leaves. Then we had the opportunity to watch my 15 month old grand-niece. She is so ready to discover the world of adventure. Everything is a new experience and of interest for a “little one.” She revels in the joy of washing the dishes from our pretend meal.

Then we explore Carmel the Cat — trying to learn to be gentle when petting him — and not chase after him. Carmel isn’t too receptive to the experience, but tolerates the toddler.

A weekend at my sister house is always a nice change of scenery.