Fun Fig Facts

Most everyone has heard of the Fig Newton cookie — the dark gooey paste with a slight seedy crunch, nestled between 2 firm biscuit like cookies.

According to blogger, The Amai Life  “Even Nabisco doesn’t seem to have one singular solid story of where the Fig Newton originated from, but the best version states that a baker by the name of Charles Roser came up with the recipe for the fig filled biscuit. Then in 1892, James Henry Mitchell patented a machine that was  able to insert fig paste inside pastry dough. The machine was like a funnel within a funnel, continually spitting out fig paste and cookie dough, creating an endless filled cookie that could be cut into individual pieces. Imagine if Nabisco sold foot long Fig Newtons.”

What is this mysterious fruit that is rarely used in everyday recipes?  Are figs found in the produce aisle alongside blueberries, plums and strawberries?

There is a fig bush in my back yard.  It was a hearty year for the crop.   It is still producing the dangling bulbous oddities even after our first frost.

Here are some facts about figs.

More Fig Facts.

Just what do we do with all these peculiar delicacies?  Here is a link of recipe ideas.

Be sure to read about the health benefits for eating figs.

“Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer / We won’t go until we get some; / We won’t go until we get some; / We won’t go until we get some, so bring it right here!”  So WHAT IS figgy pudding?