Brain Bridge

Sometimes I’m amazed how fluid my thoughts are for spontaneous ideas.   Before the hostile takeover of my home/businesses, I woke up every day with some solution or new concept to implement in my wonderful work establishment.   A year after my forced evacuation, I am finally gaining the momentum to reconnect with the creative part of my mind.    My brain was bombed with mind battering. I was chased on a dark side of life with little means to cross over.  I work on activites to build what I call my “brain bridge.”   My brain bridge connects me with the outside world, the community, my customers, my students, my creativity, sanity and safety — a part of my life as I knew it — but most importantly — my new life as I rebuild it.

Here are the ways I build my brain bridge:

  • Melodious themes of notes hummm through my head in the morning.  I race to my workroom and press the point of my pencil to my manuscript paper before the moment ends.  There may be about 10 potential compositions ready for developing when I’m ready to fully concentrate on that part of my brain bridge. Music is forever helpful in building the brain.
  • Sense, observe, evaluate people, places, products, predicaments around me.  I respond and write in this blog.   My brain bridge is being built with woven words.   You, the reader are part of the process.  I’m not just writing to tap away at a keyboard.  I’m writing to reach you — on the other side.   Are you on the other side?  Are you helping to build the bridge?  Are you half way across waiting for me?  Are you ahead of me?


  • Drive and discover new communities.  The roads around here are curvy, full of hills, mountains — and are so randomly marked, I can get lost from just turning any direction.   There is certainly much to discover in the small towns.  There is a river nearby and plenty of creeks — so I cross bridges regularly on my treks around towns.

    The Susquehanna River

  • Learn to understand and speak Spanish.  Right now I’m in infant stages — understanding the words — just not ready to start full sentences.  I’m using predominently audio cds.   I listen and respond out loud —Level II — half way through.

  • Study techniques to improve online visibility and sales.   I study online because the hours for learning are best for my brain and my internal clock that operates on “second shift.”  eCommerce is my “job” because there is a broader base for income – and my career with six income producing venues was bullied (the wimpy way to say abused) away from me.

  • Spend time with my cat, Carmel.  He is precious, playful and gives me peace of mind.

orange tabby

Well, that’s the beginning of my brain bridge.  There will be more added on the way to stabilize the structure. I will know about that when I get to the other side and look back.

The Write Words

We bloggers have a mission of providing information to the world wide web (www) of followers. “Posting” is mostly done for altruistic purposes.   I started a forum for oboists back in 2005 but wasn’t able to keep the momentum going.  There were too many distractions and my audience was not quite ready to take the time to read and respond.   What has changed?   The speed at which we can access the information and the popularity of the medium.

Then, I found a better medium to do writing and responding — a blog.  A blog allows me to keep in contact with my “fans” and meets the needs of my audience of readers.  Posts are limited in length to match the level of time people can dedicate to being online reading.   I’m able to cover a vast amount of topics which keeps my inquisitive mind intact while healing from losses in my life.

Almost anyone who has experience and information to share can start a blogsite and you can find a blog about almost any topic known to “womankind.”   My mother (83) has just begun her journey in the online writing world after self-publishing 4 picture books, 1 chapter book, and one personal collection of essays.

Now she gets a chance to do what she always claimed was one of her best skills: editing other people’s writing.  (She will probably find something to edit in this post . . .)   My mom was educated in the days of the one room schoolhouse when the class sizes were small and/or integrated with classmates of more skills.   She was always advanced in her reading/writing/grammer.   The grammatical and spelling errors that are prevalant in newspapers and published books astound her and she has a venue to voice her concerns and comments.

Tonight I will continue with my writing and introduce a series of articles that present the power of music for healing.   See you back here soon . . .


Discovering Danny

There are so many possibilities and so much amazing information to be discovered online.   The vastness and clearness of images makes me feel as if I met this person.   I haven’t met Danny Gregory, but I’m already in awe of his abilities and creativity.   I’m impressed with how organized he keeps his kitchen and art supplies . . . I’m certain that gives him more time to work on his craft.  Perhaps he has a personal organizer or cleaning company to help him.

If it weren’t that I am so busy developing and posting on my blogs, I’d be painting, composing, performing — oh, alas, I’m WRITING and healing.