Alive to Survive to Thrive

What better way to spend my time in “witness protection” (PFA without the paper) than to learn a new language! In 2010 I claimed to my customers, students and friends that if I died tomorrow, I’d have no regrets in my life… Well, that was a lofty evaluation. Or should I say coverup, based on the behind the scenes unraveling true saga.

Healing the head (see earlier posts) can be complex, certainly less understood than physical injury, and almost exclusively overlooked by law enforcement and the legal system — unless it ends in tragedy. Fortunately for me, the survival section in my brain guided me out of a relationship at the point the alarm flashed code RED.


So here I am, wounded, yet fully alive to survive and thrive — AND already fully into the process to learn a new language.  I’ve started with Spanish.   I’m training my brain by immersing it in the language everyday.   The program that I started with included 8 cds at a low introductory price.  It took me a couple months to get through the intro set.  I received the FULL set if 16 cds.  I’m on the second set (level II) of another 16 cds.   I expect to completed with these in another week.

One of the other methods I’m using to study Spanish is through viewing DVDs.  I purchased 8 dvds at a discount that included a Spanish language option and subtitles in Spanish.   The first movie I watched was “Cats and Dogs”.  My next movie will be either Flushed Away or Shrek the Third.

I’m not fluent.  I speak at the level of a toddler. There is hope because I have advanced past one/two words to 3 – 5 word sentences.

I’ve found quite a few helpful programs online, yet still find having the cd playing in the car each day has been working well for my immersion.  There are videos, blogs, movies to help with training the brain.     I’ll report back about my language progress — slow, steady and sure.

Talk to ‘ya again soon — maybe in Spanish — but I haven’t learned how to spell yet — so there’s another challenge.   Till then . . . adios amigos.

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